The Miscellany is concerned with aspects of the traditional and popular music of Scotland and complements other print, recorded, archival and on-line resources.

There is a page for longer articles on traditional music, a ‘scrap book’ page for archival material,¬† links to key policy texts, selected playlists of video content and on-line music tracks, a photographic archive and dedicated areas on certain instruments and subjects.¬† All material is published in PDF form for portability and the layout has been designed to suit the iPad and other electronic reading devices as well as print at A4. Articles are dynamic and will be amended in the light of new information and feedback, with all changes marked by version numbers.

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Earlier visitors may have read the ane fiddleblog pages on this site. This blog has now been incorporated into my fiddle research project site at Edinburgh University where there are regular new postings. Previous posts published here are mirrored there on the page Old Rosin.

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