Bill Hardie, master fiddler

This extended play record arrived in the post the other day. What a super cover – and music! – the first Scottish fiddle EP?

2013-08-16 11.34.00  2013-08-16 11.34.17

The term ‘country fiddle’ is interesting as an alternative to ‘traditional’ or ‘folk’ as a means of qualifying the use of the word fiddle. There are parallels in this in Ulster where there is talk of and writing on ‘country fiddling’ to distinguish music from ‘Irish traditional. Complex stuff, and more on this later.

The Bill Dean-Myatt Scottish vernacular discography tells us:

(Aberdeen, 1916 – 1965). “Bill Hardie, violin with John Junner, piano”
Recorded Glasgow, Wednesday, 13th. & Thursday, 14th. July 1956
M-3564 Scotland the brave (trad); The Laird o’ Drumblair (J. Scott
Skinner); Speed the plough (trad) Bel SEP-46(EP)
M-3565 The bonnie lass o’ bonnie accord (J. Scott Skinner);
The Marquis of Huntley’s farewell (William Marshall);
The £10 fiddle (trad) Bel SEP-46(EP)
M-3566 The De’il amang the tailors (trad); The Balkan Hills (J. Gillan);
Lady Mary Ramsay (Nathaniel Gow); Pretty Peggy
(J. Scott Skinner) Bel SEP-46(EP)
M-3567 Bluebell polka (Frank Stanley); Peterhead polka (trad) Bel SEP-46(EP)


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