Fiddling of anither kind 1

Its Edinburgh Festival time and last night I attended an outstanding concert of compositions, for soloists and duets, by Eddie McGuire of Glasgow. I was delighted to hear his Rant played live after nearly thirty years (I think I saw Edna Arthur play it at the Queens Hall) although I have heard other performances on tape. I remain of the view, from my lowly position, that this is a great, and seminal, piece of writing for violin which is both Scottish and international in outlook – a bit like the composer himself. This work won the prize donated by Carl F. Flesch for the composition of a test piece to be used at the Carl Flesch International Violin Competition (London, July 1978). It combines the 12-tone note row with the Scottish traditional music idiom. It should be better known and I was delighted by Feargus Hetherington‘s interpretation and announcement “this piece was written two years before I was born”! I hope he records it.

The concert opened with a haunting , and no less Scottish (Celtic? Near Eastern?) Prelude 21 by Josie Robertson. I would certainly like to hear that work again. It was written in 2002.

There was other super music on brass, accordion and guitar but that has no place in ane fiddleblog.


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